Sports :: The very best 5 most thriving rugby nations

Throughout the history of rugby, two nations have consistently stood head and shoulders above the remainder ? New Zealand and South Africa.

Number one spot should probably head to New Zealand. New Zealand?s national side, the All Blacks, is the most revered side on earth of rugby. Any New Zealander, who pulls on the famous black rugby jersey, will need the area with all the backing and expectations with the whole country. Failure just isn't an alternative.

The All Blacks consistently field world-class players, who achieve results that other nations is only able to envy. Since their first test match in 1903, the All Blacks have played 487 tests, winning a staggering 75%, winning two Rugby World Cups and they are the present World Champions.

The All Blacks have a long rivalry with all the South African Springboks. Rugby in South Africa almost has got the status of a religion and also the supporters are fanatical. The country features a reputation for producing big, uncompromising players with immense skill and, prior to the introduction of professional rugby and neutral referees, the South Africans were nearly impossible to defeat in a very test series on home soil.

The Springboks have won the Rugby World Cup twice, in 1995 and 2007. Since their first international against a British Isles side in 1891, the Springboks have played 407 tests having a win ratio of 63%.

Although they are listed just across the Springboks, at second in the IRB rankings, the Australian Wallabies gets behind them if history is considered. As rugby just isn't Australia?s hottest game, support there is less fanatical in comparison to New Zealand and South Africa. Expectations, however, are just as high and the Wallabies usually deliver.

The Wallabies have played the most their rugby contrary to the All Blacks and Springboks, which has greatly affected their win-loss ratio. However, this still stands at 52% from 507 matches. They have won the Rugby World Cup twice, 1991 and 1999, and so are a force to become reckoned with when they play.

Currently ranked fourth in the world with the IRB are England. This is probably an affordable reflection with their rugby history. England played their first, and incidentally the planet?s first international, against Scotland in 1871 ? and lost. Since then, however, they have been the most successful with the European sides.

Overall, England has played 654 internationals having a win rate of 57%. Although this is superior to Australia?s, it ought to be remembered the Wallabies have totally top two sides much more often. England?s record is affected from the side?s inconsistent performances on tour, most of which are already bad, inside modern era mainly because of the unavailability of first choice players. At present, England continues to be only northern hemisphere side to have won the Rugby World Cup (2003).

Rounding your best five rugby nations will be the rugby-mad Welsh. Although ranked at 6 about the IRB rankings list, one place below France, Wales? proud rugby history offers them fifth i'm all over this this most successful nations list. The Welsh are passionate about their rugby nevertheless the national side has get more info seen periods of greatness and gloom. The brightest amount of Welsh rugby was possibly the period from 1969 to 1979, in the event the Welsh side was considered to be one in the finest sides of them all. Almost impossible to overpower at home, the c's provided the most players for the successful British Lions tours of New Zealand (1971) and South Africa (1974).

Welsh rugby then fell in the doldrums until around 2006, if the national side won the six nations Grand slam. Although Wales have not won the Rugby World Cup, the long run is looking brighter.

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